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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in parts of northern virginia. dale city, would whicodridge area. basically from the plains east word all the way towards fairfax county line. areas of rain as we go through the morning hours. i think that will end by 8:00 or so. the son later on. and warmer. -- the sun coming out later on. >> plenty of traffic roaming around town. starting with university boulevard. news choppers seven just what the scene of an accident. now we're moving on the beltway. traffic moving just fine pass the mormon temple. they were supposed to look for an accident there, but nothing found. in virginia heavy volume of traffic.
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95 66, 395 loading up here yet. open to get to the 14th street bridge. >> begin with breaking news from northwest washington where police are investigating a deadly car crash and stabbing. it happened just after 2:00 this morning on florida avenue near picked street. police found a man was stabbed woods to the neck. he was taken to the hospital where he died. no word on the stabbing. >> al qaeda wants revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. u.s. terror officials are on high alert. >> u.s. officials are studying the possibility of terrorist using body farbombs.
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u.s. and european authorities have warned that al qaeda is affiliate's in yemen has been deciding body bombs with the metal parts to get back through security. one year ago president obama ordered the raid inside pakistan to kill osama bin laden. yesterday president obama called on those americans to remember those who participated in the operation. >> the american people remember what we as a country accomplished in bringing the justice, somebody who killed over 3000 of our citizens. u.s. authorities said they have made adjustments to the screenings such as turning up the radiation used to detect these body bombs. >> thank you. i want to get right to a
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developing story. a diplomatic crisis threatens to overshadow high-level discussions between the united states in china. hillary clinton is on her way to china for the economics and security talks. a blind chinese attorney is being protected by the u.s. embassy in beijing. neither country is commenting that issue right now. police have released a new surveillance picture they hope will lead to a break in a series of scary attacks in montgomery county. >> investigators say it'sa man was lured in by ramming into his car. >> there have been tw taxo , possibly a third in the last month. -- two attacks. in one of the cases police believed the suspect sped away. for the first time we're hearing
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that conversation. along with the obscure photographs of the suspects, we are hearing the 911 audio between a woman we'll talk to exclusively explaining to an emergency operator that she was being followed. the suspects first three and a car intentionally two weeks ago when the driver of the struck vehicle got out. the suspect threatened him with a gun and knife and tied him up and threw him in the back of his strong and it took him to several atms in the area to take out cash. a local woman 11 days earlier called 911 after she was hit by a car and believe she was being followed. she believes that 911 operator would have sent police instead of advising her to exchange information, the suspects may have been apprehended. >> any time there is an accident, you are supposed to --
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>> thing this guy is following me. -- i think this guy is following me. i am afraid. >> believe the suspects are driving around in a white suv truck with maryland tags. >>. carter here with what is making news in the day ahead. >> error young will take the stand again. -- sherry young. broke down to a questioning yesterday telling her how the president attended as her husband to claim paternity of his love child. she also claimed he knew about the money to hide his mistress. he has pleaded not guilty to the alleged campaign violation. closing arguments began today in the case against a community activist accused of sexually abusing three young girls.
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yesterday's michael gardner took the stand to deny the charges. a jury could begin deliberations by the end of the day. occupy protesters plan to mark may day with a rally. they have planned rallies nationwide calling it a general strike for economic justice. protesters were gathered at the meridian hill park in march to the white house. -march- and the white house. jordan zimmerman will pitch at 7:00 05. tickets are certainly still available. back to you. >> that is not only big sporting event going on in town. >> not at all. the caps play tonight and are in
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team spirit. >> alex giving washington the go-ahead goal with a little more than seven minutes left in the game. the caps clinched home ice advantage and will drop the puck to marmite at home at the verizon cente minuter. past 6:00. we -- seven minutes past 6:00. high life >> from the once-in-a- lifetime game. take
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>> there is another one deep to left. he has the trifecta. >> he hit three home runs and three consecutive act batts. s. not bad. >> i am bound. we just have an accident and 95 northbound. northbound at mile marker 143. police said to look for a crash upstream. we could slow from woodbridge now to springfield. it is open to the 14th street bridge. 66 will slow eastbound in manassas 3 centerville with an accident on the shoulder. then again at the beltway. slowdown's include 270 between
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8109. this is live on the beltway. on the wet pavement, no problems reported or delays. next we will move to the weather center. >> de of roads around here this morning, but nothing like what they saw in texas yesterday. -- damp roads with but nothing like what we saw in texas yesterday. luckily we do not thatget the kind of hail around here. that will cause a lot of damage. take a look at the areas of rain on super doppler. we have some heavier showers along 210 and charles county. you can see the flashes on the center part of your screen that is a little bit of lightning.
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just crossed over the potomac. right there. murray and western charles county moving into a play death la plada. this will continue its trek to the east along 66. 95 will get another dose of heavy rainfall momentarily. i think the heavy rainfall will come to an end. much warmer with highs in the lower 80s. lower east the next couple of days. highs near 90s by friday with the chance of late days storms. >> checking a news around the region. voters heading to the polls today to choose mayors council members and school board members. the d.c. council expected to approve a bill to repay city workers for furlough days they were required to take last year. prince george's county police
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are expected to announce a new safety initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in the county. just shy of 60 degrees. keep going back and forth. >> coming up perfection on week seven of "dancing withte the stars." >>
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>> cbs dues will hold a tribute to mike wallace. -- cbs news will hold a tribute to mike wallace. he died april 8 at the age of 93. >> a new solution to the question how did you sleep last
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night? if you were awake with nightmares or wish your dreams were more entertaining, believe it or not, but there is an ap forthat. -- for that. sigmund is created by a harvard ph.d. student. >> you pull up the application before you go to bed at night and you pick from a list of 1000 words. >> the words come and the number of different categories. the application calculates what time you will reach rim sleep and that is what a soft female voice repeats your selected words over your speaker. it is based on a study that found it once possible to alter dreams about one-third of the time. >> i found myself thinking
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about it. >> would you give it a try? >> i do not know about all of that. i would definitely try that >> i would try it. take up the application cost 99 cents. the creator hopes it will do more than just ended nightmares. >> i hope that people can use it to visualize themselves doing well in this situation. like athletes is always been doing well and then they can achieve that. >> if you try it, let us know if there works or not. recalling dry dog food. concerns it may be tainted with salmonella. the dog food was sold in 12 states including maryland and virginia. no reports of dogs becoming sick but operations have been
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suspended at the south carolina plant where the food was produced. >> home loans, a fuel costfuel costs. >> less homeownership. it is now a 15-year low. that is despite falling housing prices. a major reason is it is more difficult to qualify for a mortgage sold more young people are renting. a survey finds most banks are keeping credit standards tight. here is an idea that might take off for the airline industry. delta airlines is buying its own refinery that will use to produce its own fuel. stick shifts were nearly double the share in the past five years, despite the fact that most models do not offer manual
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transmissions. that is america's money. have a great day. >> thank you. do not forget to sign up for a chance to win one of our biggest facebook giveaways ever. we will give you the chance to win a ford fiesta. just go to pick the first finalist yesterday and will pick a second one tonight. if your name is called, you will have 30 minutes to call in to win the final entry. we will have one lucky winner next month. >> we want to check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> the accident is gone in centerville. delays out of manassas. then again at 50 in fair oaks. wanted to take you over to the map with delays. and we have an accident at garrison bill road. they move that to the shoulder.
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the next play is from potomac mills across the river. 395 from the beltway. 95 in and out of baltimore. i-70 is a car fire in the area. >> a look at today's weather. >> damp out there to start the day. really just this morning you will need an umbrella. it will cool on out later this morning in terms of the rain. good showers hitting as putting a dent in the rainfall does it again today. in some heavy rain. i will put this in motion. look at the red yellow, and orange. that indicates the heaviest rain, which is now in charles county. this is a long 210. you are getting hit by heavy
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rain. a little bit of lightning and thunder. a little bit of a thunderstorm in charles county early this tuesday morning. moderate showers. this is all the way down through manassas. dale city, a woodbridge. a nice, soaking rain at this morning pushing up to the east. moving pretty quickly, so i think rainfall totals will be at a quarter of an inch with it. we will take what we can get. 62 and washington. much warmer now been yesterday morning. 64 in frederick. if you're planning to bike for work or go for the morning run we did out for a couple of hours, in the rain will clear on out of here. a few peaks of some later on today. breezy at times as well. much warmer. 82. a slight chance of a thunderstorms later today, but i think that will be closer to richmond. far south of the viewing area.
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late storms possible daily through friday. >> 59 degrees. >> stories you might hear about later today crashing a plane on purpose. a golden retriever who gives new meaning to the phrase guard dog. you do not want to miss it. that is coming up.
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>> welcome back. we want to give you a look of the stories that people will probably be talking about today. one of them was an intentional pass a plane crash. this happens in the desert in mexico. >> the entire knows of the plane it breaks off on impact. -- nose of the plane breaks on impact. they want to study plane crashes so they decided to crush a 727 to see what happens. >> they put cameras inside the plane and the idea is to show people how to make a plane crash more survivable. >> kanye west loses his pants
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well out on a date with himkim kardashian. she did not notice the whole thing, because apparently she was paying more attention to the cameras herself. >> maybe she liked the escape for a day. >> golden retriever and china is the best guard dog ever. no need for a bicycle lock when you have a golden retriever that does this. nobody took the bike, but when the owner came back to get on board, what with the dog does. the dog says another of this walking, i will jump on board and you will we'll meet around now. >> the best part is the dog at says i am sick here.
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>> stay with us. we
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>> live, and in hd, this is " good morning washington on your side. u.s. counterterrorism official stepping up security one year after osama bin laden's death. >> police on the scene of a deadly car crash and stabbing. good morning, washington. >> so glad you are waking up with us. want to get started with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, adam with a look of the weather. >> of the upstart to the tuesday morning. heavy rain south of washington and southern maryland. this is about to crash over the river from any town northward. a lot of rain is still ongoing.
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-- from honeytown northward. 55 in leesburg. 55 in the district. the rain will end later this morning. >> plenty of traffic in the rain. 95 and an accident for both of you. southbound between 80 to get to 109 coming here is the pace through gaithersburg to get into rock deal and down into the beltway. war to come in the traffic seen. >> we are following some breaking news from northwest. police are investigating a deadly car crash and stabbing. this happened earlier this morning your fifth and florida avenue. >> good morning. police here in the district left
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about half an hour ago but i can show you that crews just arrived on the scene. they're putting up this light post that was knocked over by the car in the crash. we also have video of what the scene looked like a couple of hours ago. what police are telling us is that at 2:15 this morning there were called out here to florida avenue nw for reports of a car crash. a single vehicle was up on the sidewalk and struck the tavern here on florida avenue. police say there was a man inside and suffering from a stab wound. he was taken to howard hospital where he later died. police are still investigating the crash. they have not release the identity of the victim or any circumstances behind the crash. whether he was out first and then crashed. that is information we're hoping to get from metro police later on this morning.
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>> thank you. our other big story, al qaeda wants revenge for the deaths of osama bin laden. on the one-year anniversary of the raid that led to his death u.s. terror officials are on high alert. >> in to abc news, u.s. officials studying the possibility of terrorists using body bombs. the goal would be to avoid airport screening detection. with this potential threat, airports are reportedly stepping up security as we mark the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. over the past year authorities have warned the massive bomb maker has been designing these types of body bombs. new documents are reportedly providing the intelligence community with a critical look into al qaeda'is is to tear rise in new and creative ways. german authorities found a
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digital storage device on an al qaeda operative last year. found in the device for hundreds of al qaeda documents detailing the future plans, including attacks in europe and attacks on cruise ships. u.s. officials have no credible information that an attack of any kind is imminent. >> now a developing story from china were a diplomatic crisis threatens to overshadow high- level discussions with the u.s. hillary clinton and other officials headed to china for security talks. neither country is discussing the issue. >> a new york city judge will decide whether a hotel lawsuit against the former international monetary fund president dominique strauss-kahn can move forward. it will be released in just a couple of hours.
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the may claiming that he tried to rape her in her hotel rois hotel room last may. the trial of jennifer hudson's member is continues today. >> [inaudible] >> >> do you see any blood on her? i do not know. ice and scared. -- i am scared. >> william claims he is innocent. jury selection is set to get underway today in the trial of the accused serial slavertaber. is the killing a michigan man several years ago and accused of killing several people in the leesburg area. occupy protesters will plant
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rallies nationwide calling it a general strike for economic justice. they will gather at meridian hill park and the march to the white house. >> drones are used for reconnaissance missions in afghanistan. fairfax county police chief says the unmanned aircraft could be used to observe traffic backups. >> i think they will certainly of our purpose in reason to be in the region in the next coming years. just from a standpoint to alternative methods of spotting traffic and sending information back. >> some in congress say using drones on u.s. soil could lead to an invasion of privacy. >> giving washington the go- ahead goal. a little more than seven minutes
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left in the game. final score was 3-2. they clinched ice advantage. game 3 tomorrow night indices d.c. de for the washington nationals. -- a big day for the washington nationals. the first appearance against the l.a. dodgers saturday. also tonight, they will honor an usher who saved the children from being attacked by dogs in the trinidad neighborhood of northeast d.c. >> 56 degrees this morning. >> good morning, washington. a new twist in the annual p&o watch at the national zoo. -- panda watch
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>> good morning, washington. it is wet. very slow. outer loop delays. new hampshire avenue to get to university boulevard everything is free. georgia avenue interchange
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redevelops briefly across the american legion interchange. we had an accident on 95 coming northbound into the age of the lanes in the shoulder. look at the pace of traffic. 66 a crash in centerville. that was moved to the shoulder. >> thank you. takingseeing good morning to doug hill this morning. >> this time of day is usually brighter every time i look outside. here getting darker the past 30 minutes come in for good reason. heavy thunderstorms moving through. a gray morning in arlington with a band of showers moving through the region. this is live super doppler radar. individual elements of the grain moving east from the northeast.
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here is the area moving out of northeast charles county. a lot of lightning outside. heavy rain has just begun. and temperatures very mild. we expect a warmer search of air. mainly in the 50s across the metro area. we will get rid of this line of showers and thunderstorms. headed to the lower 80s on his first day of may. for several days of may very much the same period -- headed to the lower 80s on this first day of may. we'll start to cool off late saturday. a fresh look at greater coming up. >> thank-you. and voters in northern virginia was led to the polls to choose mayors and city council members and school board members. >> opening statements could begin today in the trial of the
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political operatives accused of using robots calls to suppress voter turnout in the 2010 election. to go another>> 61 degrees this morning in landover. >> the first record operfect score on "dancing witht he the
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, seven is that your site with how to save money at the gas pump.
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we looked through the fine print to show you which ones are the best bargains. that is tonight at 5:00. >> cbs news holding a tribute to the late my wall list. the memorial for the long time 60 minutes host will be open to family friends, and colleagues. -- cbs news poll the attribute to the late mike wallace. >> mitt romney 6 supports from former rivals. -- seeks support from former rivals. >> mitt romney is set to meet with rick santorum on friday. both men have different reasons for giving it mitt romney their blessing. rick santorum wants to see the principles of the conservative movement from his campaign
6:46 am
continued by the minute run the campaign. newt gingrich has his reputation to defend. >> that is what mitt romney lead. does he need these endorsements? >> if you are the republican party going against barack obama you want them all in the same room working as a team spirit andam. >> let's about china. some concerns with hillary clinton going there. talk about what is going on at the embassy. >> we have hillary clinton into the gutter heading over to china for strategic and economic negotiations. i was speaking with someone who was talking to chinese officials just last month. chinese officials are very optimistic. what could happen now is this could overwhelm the talks.
6:47 am
there are two possible outcomes. either it will bring them closer together or drive them for their part on the issue that most americans care about, which is the future of the relationship between the u.s. and china on trade. >> we saw what happened in colombia when you had something over shower wrote the issue. -- overshadowed the issue. take of the u.s. dream academy a very special after-school program is designed to empower at risk children and tonight it is holding the power of the dream a gala, which i will be proud to emcee for the fourth year this year. joining me now is the founder and ceo of the u.s. dream academy celebrating the 11th year. >> yes. really almost 15 years now we have been tutoring and entering children whose parents are in prison and children following --
6:48 am
falling behind at school, because they are agree risk of ending up in the criminal justice system. it is great work and very rewarding. every life we touch is a little miracle. >> i have had the privilege of going in speaking with the students involved in the cream -- dream academy in southeast and it is amazing to see how the mentoring opportunities really help them. >> for we now after-school learning programs in salt lake city indianapolis, orlando. all across the country there are children who are being saved and rescued. so it is a wonderful thing to get up in the morning and know that is what you do every day. >> this is a cause of that so many celebrities have wanted to really done in -- joined in and help out with. i know oprah winfrey has been
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one of your biggest supporters. >> absolutely. she came by my home and we prayed together. i said before you go, got has impressed me to tell you he will bless you and give you an opportunity to speak to millions of people. that is how we met 30 years ago. take of that came true. she has not forgotten that clearly. >> she has been very generous. the most generous benefactor. >> she is given millions of dollars. >> last summer a young lady came by our office to tell as her father had been in prison and had a really tough time. now that her father is out, she wanted to help kids like our kids. i prayed with her. january 14 she was crowned miss
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america. take issue will be at the program tonight. >> more details about the dream academy, log on to our website >> we want to check traffic and weather once again. >> we are rocking here. the windows rocking from the thunderstorm. let's get you started going across the area. showers and thunderstorms. this continues to push off the bay. pretty good downpour. this is the area of rain with a heavy downpours in thunder quickly moving through and getting ready to move off the east. rerecording to get rid of this and look for sunshine later on.
6:51 am
satellite reveals that. we will get sunshine and warmer weather. the summer air is moving in. we will be in the lower 80s tomorrow. a time line according to the future cast. showing a quick exit to the right of the rain this morning. skies will brighten a bit and get a little sunshine. we will have daily this upcoming week. here is the story today. partly sunny and breezy up to 82. a fair amount of clouds. tomorrow we will do it all over again. 40 percent chance of afternoon thunderstorms. >> 55 degrees in leesburg. one of the cool spot.
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>> a good tuesday morning to all of you. an exclusive interview with mark zuckerberg. also, caught on tape come up parking lot attendant driving off with a customer's convertible. sneaking off on a joy ride just moments of the vehicle is dropped off. he did cameras were rolling.
6:55 am
an investigation he will have to see to believe. carry under what next three here on good morning america. >> we want to get an update on what is happening across the area as we checked the area the sporting. too bad art critic two men are dead after a stabbing in the district. a mad was found with stab wounds in a car that crashed in northwest. >> the occupied protesters will mark may day with rallies across the nation. >> we're making a home debut tonight against the arizona diamondbacks. that game will be at the national park. >> let's get to abcs' dancing with the stars. the first flawless performance. take a look.
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a passionate dance. the first perfect 10 of the season. this had a vampire theme. they ended the night on top of the leader board. >> getting down to the good stuff. a quick last look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> rain it during the middle of rush hour never a good thing. we're just going to deal with this what people and slow traffic. >> we have some areas of moderate rain. over 0.3 -- over 0.75% of an inch. 5 of an inch. right-like air and place. by friday back up your frnear 9 ♪
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